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Charting the Space Between Stars

Confessions & Map-Making

I'm self-conscious; I write, which would be great if I finished even a third of the things I start; I read; I like to do things with my hands; I have a degree in creative writing from a pretty decent university and am currently one of the layoff casualties of print media's decline (but first I got to be a reporter); I love music, and it's my favorite cathedral; I believe in a personal and specific God, but I don't think you and I have to be on the same page there (or even in the same book) to be close to each other; I wish I could be less serious; I still want to be a rock star; I believe there are worlds beyond this one, because there must be -- and I believe it's an imperative that we create more, as well and quickly as we can. I want my life, and yours, to be filled with wonder.

I keep a semi-frequently updated blip.fm channel, which you can find here:

Radio Aislinn
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