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23 November 2012 @ 11:21 pm
Hello hello  
What I've been up to:

Making plans to adopt a young rescue dog named Lola, landlord-approval depending.

Going home last weekend to visit and kiss my friend T., who made my profile picture (that's me, reading a werewolf book, at a party, because I couldn't hack the party -- and he was photographing the party, because he couldn't hack it either). I subsequently found out he has a girlfriend he never mentioned, but I had to kiss him anyway, because I'm goal-oriented like that. It was a pretty innocent kiss. And now I feel better.

Losing my favorite inherited necklace while extraordinarily drunk. Followed by lamenting said drunk. Followed by extreme food poisoning.

Working the holiday, with not one, but two, pies, delivered by my dear friend Andrew (who gave me an Xbox membership so I could stream Dr. Who and eat pie) and my co-worker Amanda, who also brought me a groaning platter of her family's Thanksgiving dinner. And I was kept company by a card signed by still more exceptional friends.

Fearing the future of print journalism, lamenting the shortfalls of our personal paper, and cursing at the screen.

Generating story ideas like a pinwheel in front of a rather forceful fan.

Waking up early twitching from anxiety.

Seeing family. Some glory to that, and some severe frustration. No huge surprise there.

Scheduling voice lessons.

Dealing with the usual theological problems. My usual theological problems, anyway.

Deciding I need to marry a good Christian girl (tattoos optional but not discouraged), who is, ideally, a circus performer or something, or marry Dr. Who. --See? I'm flexible.
Current Mood: chipperchipper